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Blog: The ultimate guide to the perfect Christmas party


Whether this is the first year you’ve decided to throw a party for your employees or you’re just fed up with the same old Christmas dinner dance packages, we’ve got your employee party sorted with our ultimate guide to the perfect Christmas party.

You’ll want to start your planning with the basics. What type of party do you want? You can always ask your employees to contribute ideas openly or anonymously to help with this. We’ve detailed a list of tips to help you get organised:

Firm up numbers – It’s vital to gather a list of confirmed people who want to attend before approaching venues as there will often be a maximum capacity to adhere to. The same applies even if you are planning to hold the event in your own office space, for health and safety reasons. Caterers and venues will also need to have an idea to select the right food and accurately quote for you, as most costs are worked out on a ‘per head’ basis.

Theme – You’ll want to ask your employees their thoughts on this and if you can all agree on a theme or a direction you’d like the décor and dress code to go in, this will also help when selecting the right party spaces. Deciding a theme early on helps people prepare and give you and your employees a chance to get ahead with ordering decorations and ingredients. We’re loving the winter wonderland theme this year where guests can dress up as frosted forest creatures and the possibilities are endless for decoration ideas.

Location – It’s true what they say, location is everything. If you’ve got a list of numbers and a theme in mind, it should be fairly straightforward to find your perfect venue whether you want it to be cool, cosy and rustic like DV8 or a blank canvas to add your creative touch to. If you are holding it in your office space think about where you’d like your guests to sit and eat and if there will be an entertainment area. If you’ve got great outside space like ours, you’ll want to maximise on this for the entertainment as most guests will inevitably drift outside throughout the evening.

Food – One of the main things guests look forward to is the party food, so if you really want to impress, look for caterers and venues who specialise in parties. Whether it’s a deluxe buffet or an indulgent sit-down meal, you’ll want to make sure your guests are well fed and watered.

Beverages – Wine and fizz is always popular during party season, but your guests will appreciate the extra effort you’ve put in to learn new cocktail recipes to suit your theme or finding somewhere that specialises in mixology to create a bespoke cocktail tailored to your event or in your company’s brand colours.  Speaking from experience, cocktails are a firm favourite at DV8, particularly around Christmas time when customers are after a touch more luxury and indulgence. You can always have the best of both worlds with cocktails on arrival and fizz for the remainder of the evening.

Entertainment – You’ll want to plan some sort of activity for your guests to help break the ice. Have a think about whether you want to hold a games evening like a murder mystery or just segments with mixer games designed around your theme and to keep people from developing ‘cliques’. Perhaps your guests would enjoy some comic relief from a local comedian? We suggest you plan for some sort of entertainment to break up the evening and keep everyone engaged.

Hopefully we’ve helped inspire you to plan an incredible Christmas party for your employees this year, but if you think it would be too much hassle, our Christmas party experts are providing a free party consultation service to create the perfect Christmas party.  Contact for more information.